Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update Time

I know I know I know. I am horrible at updating this blog. I need to get better. Really I will try harder. We have been very busy with trying get a schedule in the midst of running to and from Michigan with surgery and doctor's appointments to see how the neck is healing. Finally, I can say I will be home until January but I have a feeling that appointment will be canceled due to snow but that is okay. In the next few days I will be able to take off this horrible neck brace for good. I can't wait. Tabor looks at my neck every morning and says "a few more days". It is close to being revealed and no more brace. My mouth is all healed and opening very nicely I am so happy with that.
Kyan is doing very well. He has learned how to turn the tv on and off. I was in the kitchen after Toy Bus pealing potatoes for Shepherd's Pie tonight and I had the tv on so he could watch The Price Is Right. Well, I didn't hear the tv and Ky was in the dinning room. So I asked him "Ky, did you turn the tv off?" The next thing I see is Ky running back to the living room and then I heard the tv come back on. I thought that was very funny and cute. What a character he is. He is keeping us very busy and for that we are glad. He is smarter than I could ever think for a young age. Here is another story. Last night, Tabor was on the computer and I was cleaning up after dinner and we can just got back from youth and kids' clubhouse and I heard Ky playing his little tiger piano. Now his little tiger piano I had to put up because he was walking around the house with it and I was scared he was going to fall and hurt himself because of how he was carrying it. So I put it in the hall closet a while ago. Well the stopper that keeps the sliding doors from being able to pull out toward you is broke and Ky just figured that out a few days ago. So he moved the little plastic piece so he could get in betweek the door and the shelves and went right in the closet and started playing his little tiger piano. I thought how in the world did he get that out? Since it is in the closet. I come walking out of the kitchen and I see him in the closet. I took him out and I could not help but laugh and told him he needed to start out of the closet. Then we went and told Daddy. I tell ya he is something all right.
Tabor is doing well. He is super busy with church business and he is loving being a solo pastor. We are so happy that God put us here. Well, I need to go and check on my potatoes. I WILL be posting again next week hopefully.

Talk to you all later

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Know It Has Been A LOOOONG Time Since...

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I updated but a lot has been going on and I have not had time to really sit down and update. But I promise I will get better now. Okay, so on Aug 18th, 2009, we moved to Ontario. We didn't have the internet for a little while so that is why I didn't update. Tabor is the senior pastor here and we are really enjoying it here. We are trying to get a routine down but every time we try it seems we have to travel for one reason or another. Like earlier this month we had to go to Jackson, Michigan for Tabor's ordination service. And now I am going to be having surgery Friday so it will not be until after that that Ky and I get a routine down.
Tabor is doing well and getting use to the role he has stepped into. I am getting use to it as well.
Kyan oh boy! Where to start with him? He took his first steps on July 16th, 2009 and we bought him big boy shoes before we left Michigan because he was doing so much walking. Now he is officially running around like crazy. He loves all the room he has here to walk and run and play. He is a grand total of four teeth. Two on the bottom and two on the top. He is starting to try to climb but he was sorta doing that when we were living in Michigan like trying to climb on his pack and play but now he has figured out that he can climb on the oven door. We have a very strong piece of velco like you would have on your fridge to keep kids out of it. Well, luckily we have that because he is a climbing fool on that and we are trying to get him to stop it. Ky can say baby very plan and clear even though he has not said it in a while but he can. Tabor and him love to wrestle each other and Ky takes down his other bigger stuff animals and it is very cute. He is a hand full but I would not have it another way. He is really to smart for his age but what can you do? He is 11 months old today and I can't believe that his 1st birthday is a month a way. It comes so quickly.
We are still in the process of getting health coverage. Tabor gets his OHIP in Nov and we are still waiting on Kyan's Canadian Citizenship card and once he gets that then we can sign him up for OHIP and then I have to become a premanent resident before I can get mine. So I am going to start that process when I get back from surgery.
I am going to be having my neck released again and my mouth released so I can open it more than 2cms. I will be able to open it like everyone else can which is 4-6cms after this surgery. They said I will be in the hosptial up to 10 days but we will see what happens. Before we moved here I got license back. I took all the steps with the rehab driving and all that and now I am back to driving. It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, so that is a good thing.
I think thats about all for now. I am going to go make lunch since we were not able to go to the Toy Bus at church today because Ky got up at 6:45am (right after Tabor's alarm went off, he had an orientation for new pastors with the district today from 10am until 3pm), so Ky is napping and here I am. But anyways, I promise to update more now when I get back from surgery!

Talk to you later!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Wow! I am sorry for not updating but we have been so busy with the move and then the holiday. Where is what has been going on with us. We moved from Burnips on June 18th. And I just want to thank everyone that came and helped us out. We are very appreciative and happy that you all came to help us. And it made it go quicker except for the couches I know. We unloaded the truck the next day into the storage unit we are renting until we find out what we will be doing.
We celebrated the 4th of July, by going to the Greenfield Village for fireworks and the DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra). This is the only time I would be able to hear a symphony and yes I do like classical in case you were wondering. Something I do not tell people.
We are going to be candidating July 17 (our 5 year wedding anniversary) thru the 19, at a church in Palmer Rapids, Ontario, Canada, for a senior pastor position. We are very excited to be doing this. Tabor got his travel document part of his green card so we will be able to go and do this. Like, I said we are very excited for this opportunity. Then August 1st, Tabor will be officating a wedding for our close friends and then we will be going to Chicago for a few days. Also, on September 13th at Kentwood Church in West Michigan, Tabor will be getting ordained. We are so very excited about this as well.
Kyan in now 8 months old and about to walk any day. He is balancing with no hands and doing so big at the sametime. He is so much fun and the faces he makes oh my word they are so funny. He keeps us laughing all the time. And he is growing like a weed. He is almost has tall as Taylen was at 16 months old. Taylen was 2ft 9in at 16 months and Ky is close to that at 8 months. We have not taken a measurement and we need to because he is growing so quickly. He has two teeth and so far he has not gotten anymore but that is fine with me.
Things are looking good for us and a lot of new opportunities have opened up that we are very excited about. Just thought I would update you on everything that has and will be going on for us.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Update Update Update

There has been a lot going on here. We are in transition now to find a place since our time at Burnips is now done. So we have been looking for a new church for a little under a month now. We are going to be moving to my Mom and Marty's house while we are looking for another place. Our targeted moving date is June 18th. Tabor has put in for his Green Card so that is a good thing.
Kyan has two teeth on the bottom now, crawling, and now pulling himself up on things. I think he will be walking by 8 months easily.
I had my eye surgery. And it is healing up nicely. I got the stitches out on Monday (yesterday) but I was not able to get the stitches out from behind my ear where they took the skin from again but they will be able to come out next Monday. I will take a picture of myself once everything is healed up. I have some pics to add of Kyan as well but I have to go and find him and get him ready for a nap so those will have to wait. I will update again soon to let you all know what is going on with everything.

Talk To You All Later

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just A Small Update!

Well, tomorrow Kyan will be 6 months old. I can't believe it some days. He acts sometimes so much older but then at nap time and/or night time when he wants to cuddle to go to sleep it is so cute and then I can see the baby still in here. He is rolling all over the place. I love watching him play but he gets made because he wants a toy and he is so close so he will try to go forward and then he actually goes backwards and gets all frustrated again. I think crawling is in the near future. he has been napping upstairs in his bed now and his naps for the most part are still between 2-4 hours. He still takes an hour nap in the morning. It is nice. He has been starting to sleeping through the night again but this has only been two days in a row. But I am not worried because I know he can do it so when he feels like he should he would. I am not worried about it. He is an easy baby to put back to bed in the middle of the night when he does wake up after his bottle.
Otherwise, everything else is going well here for us. We have been busy with the youth. We just got done with 30 Hour Famine this weekend and it turned out well. Well that is really all that is going on here. So I will talk to you all later!

Bye For Now

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just A Update!

We all are doing well. It has been busy here as we are planning things for the summer with youth. And I have doctor appointments and surgery scheduled. My doctor appointments are just to check in with Dr. Ford (plastic surgeon) since last eye surgery and before the next one. And then I have an eye doctor appointment so she can see how well my eye has healed. And to talk a little before the next surgery. Then Kyan has his 6 month check up on May 1st. So that shall be interesting to see how much he has grown and weighs. He is getting to be a big boy. He is close to crawling. I imagine he will crawl in his 6th month. But he is a lot of fun and man the personality he has. It is awesome. But I still think he is has Tabor and mine stubbornness and then my personality. He is a lot like me and Taylen was a lot like Tabor. I am scared to see what our next babies will be like. Lol. But Kyan is doing very well. He loves his baby food and now he loves his oatmeal and bananas. So I am happy.
I am trying to get this blog set up through facebook so when I update here it will update on facebook as well. But so far it says that this blog does not exist. So I do not know what is going on with it. I know some of you that have me on your blog list it will not update for you. So that is why I am trying to get it through my facebook for those of you who have facebook. I had a request for an updated picture of me and it will come once all my eye surgeries are done. I think that is fair. Anyways, I am going to go. Kyan is taking his morning nap and we have BYF at lunch and then it will be time for his afternoon nap when we come home unless he takes both naps now. Which I hope he does not do because he is will too cranky by 3pm. But anyways, I will talk to you all later!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Surgery & Stitches

Hey Everyone! Sorry that i have not updated. I had my surgery and therefore could not see that well to write an update. Just a little status update on Facebook and that was it. Surgery went very well. My lower right eye lid is now new and improved with a small skin graff from behind my eight ear. It is looking good. Nice and pink. That is a good thing. I got the stitches out today and I am so happy for that. I can see alittle better than when I had it stitched and my eye lid was being led up by the stitch string and a "bandage" for lack of a better word. She made this eye lid a little higher because the gradff will "shink" up alittle bit and when that happens it will be level with the left eye lid. She did it on purpose so it is okay. It is still a little hard to see out of because of that but it is not a problem.I was not able to lift aything over 5lbs until today. So that meant no carrying Ky around. He was so confused as to why people were taking him from me and holding him andburping him and putting him to bed. All he wantsd was Mommy. Now I am glad to say I have picked him up and cuddled and hugged him a lot this morning before he had to go get his 4 month shots.
He is a sleep right now. Between his peneumonia and my surgery his sleeping has been off so I am hoping that it will go back to normally now. Sleeping through the night again. But he just wanted to cuddle with Mommy so he decided since he could not do it during the day because I was sleeping and recovering that he would wnat to sleep with me. And yes he did some nights because Tabor was to tired to put Ky back to bed. Oh well! As of last night he got up once in the night and so I think he will be going back to his sleeping through the night. But his shots may put him off alittle bit but that is okay.
My next surgery is planned and on the books for May 26th, I am excited. This will be my upper lid of my right eye that is causing me not to see. There will be a fixing of the muscale but no graff so that will be good. She is also going to fix my left bottom lid so it will close all the way. Right now my left eye does not close all the way so she will be fixing that. This surgery for the left bottom lid will be just like the surgery I just had done. So I will not be able to see well out of that eye but I will have my right eye ot see out of. SO she will take the skin from behind my left ear but since it is a smaller she may be only to take hald from there and half from my right ear. She said the tissue from behind my right eye is in excellent condtion. I do not know how well that tissue behind my left eye will be but she will find out then. Because it is both eyes at the same time this surgery is scheduled to take 2 hours instwad of the 1 hour this one took. But anyways, that is all for now. Ky got his chest x-ray today before his shots to see if the pneumonia is all cleared up so I should hear from the results this week. Since it was right in the doctor's office. Anyways, I will talk to you all later!

Bye For Now!