Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Update Time

I know I know I know. I am horrible at updating this blog. I need to get better. Really I will try harder. We have been very busy with trying get a schedule in the midst of running to and from Michigan with surgery and doctor's appointments to see how the neck is healing. Finally, I can say I will be home until January but I have a feeling that appointment will be canceled due to snow but that is okay. In the next few days I will be able to take off this horrible neck brace for good. I can't wait. Tabor looks at my neck every morning and says "a few more days". It is close to being revealed and no more brace. My mouth is all healed and opening very nicely I am so happy with that.
Kyan is doing very well. He has learned how to turn the tv on and off. I was in the kitchen after Toy Bus pealing potatoes for Shepherd's Pie tonight and I had the tv on so he could watch The Price Is Right. Well, I didn't hear the tv and Ky was in the dinning room. So I asked him "Ky, did you turn the tv off?" The next thing I see is Ky running back to the living room and then I heard the tv come back on. I thought that was very funny and cute. What a character he is. He is keeping us very busy and for that we are glad. He is smarter than I could ever think for a young age. Here is another story. Last night, Tabor was on the computer and I was cleaning up after dinner and we can just got back from youth and kids' clubhouse and I heard Ky playing his little tiger piano. Now his little tiger piano I had to put up because he was walking around the house with it and I was scared he was going to fall and hurt himself because of how he was carrying it. So I put it in the hall closet a while ago. Well the stopper that keeps the sliding doors from being able to pull out toward you is broke and Ky just figured that out a few days ago. So he moved the little plastic piece so he could get in betweek the door and the shelves and went right in the closet and started playing his little tiger piano. I thought how in the world did he get that out? Since it is in the closet. I come walking out of the kitchen and I see him in the closet. I took him out and I could not help but laugh and told him he needed to start out of the closet. Then we went and told Daddy. I tell ya he is something all right.
Tabor is doing well. He is super busy with church business and he is loving being a solo pastor. We are so happy that God put us here. Well, I need to go and check on my potatoes. I WILL be posting again next week hopefully.

Talk to you all later


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